Vesol Administración y Logística


Vesol Administración y Logística was created to provide administrative and logistical support to VESOL Group companies in the areas of Administration and Human Resources, Finance, and Engineering Risk Prevention and Quality Control./strong>


Among our major tasks we have the area: Engineering and Quality Control who is responsible for making field survey, design of the components constituting the Pulley, both for manufacturing and repairs, also controls manufacturing processes, starting with the review of materials and parts, until the release of the final product, through art instrumentation that enable better quality metrics determining thicknesses, hardness type, quality of material and welding by ultrasonic measurement, anchoring profile between the metal through Profilometers rubber, rubber hardness by Durometer required, controlling the temperature and humidity with digital hygrometers, infrared thermometers, pyrometers, etc. in order to achieve a better quality and the coating adhesion and pulley components manufactured.


Since April of this year we truck rental services Pen, for the City of Antofagasta, La Negra and Mining Operations in the Region of Antofagasta.

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